Getting Away to Breathe

Nature is known to have tremendous benefits for ones overall physical and mental health and is especially important for those living in the confines of city life. It reminds us to slow down, take things easy, and appreciate what we have. It’s able to provide tranquility and peace and just one hike can change your entire day and set you up for success as you move through any challenges in the future. Getting away from it all, breathing in fresh air, and observing what life is like without the interference of man can help remind us just how fragile and impermanent we really are. It’s something that I would recommend to anyone, especially to those who at times feel a bit overwhelmed with all the obligations thrown their way.





Overcoming Obstacles

Setbacks happen sometimes when we least expect them: an accident while at the gym, a breakup with a partner, a failed business attempt, even a stolen bike. Our conscious decision of how we react to these personal problems though determines whether or not we are able to rise above them and drive forward towards success. With the right attitude, setbacks can even be used to make us stronger – taking that negative energy, seeing it as a challenge, setting new goals, and transforming the perceived negative experience into a positive one. Setbacks won’t go away, unless of course we stop trying entirely. To come out on top, it’s important to continue pushing past any perceived barriers and working towards becoming the person we want to become, no matter who or what comes trying to knock us down. After all, “the vast majority of the time, what we think are our limitations, are far inside our real limitations.” -Albert Frantz, pianist